Why cant I just grind linseed into a flour at home?

When you grind linseed it only partially breaks the 'envelope' that contains the valueable fatty acids (i.e. only 40% of the omega-3 is digestible in a crushed linseed seed).

Linette® is produced using a patented thermo-extrusion process. This process involves several steps;

  • Detoxification - destoys any cyanogenic factors
  • Stabilisation - of the pro-oxidant molecules to preserve the fats
  • Releasing the fats - by an extrusion process that makes 90% of the Omega-3 bioavailable

The advantages of Linette® compared to ground linseed seed are therefore;

  • Toxin free
  • Higher Omega-3 availability
  • Protection from degradation in store
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