The Process

Linette is product of the Bleu Blanc Coeur Association

It complies with two stringient standards for production and the end product;

Production - must be from Linseed varieties grown and selected for their high Omega-3 content and the final processing is completed in France.

The End Product - must have full traceability from sustainable sources and deliver a digestble High Omega-3 content.

Linseed is a rich source of Omega-3, however, the omega-3 that is present in its original form is not easy for the human digestive system to access.

The company, Valorex, has developed a patented process for linseed grain called 'Tradilin'.

The Tradilin process is similar to cooking in a pressure cooker. By adjusting temperature and pressure the process activates and de-activates certain enzymes to make the linseed grain more digestible. Finally, mechanical pressure is applied to release the oils and make the Omega-3 available. 

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